S  e  e  D  i  f  f  e  r  e  n  t .
H u m a n ,   I m p a c t f u l   T e c h.
U n l o c k   t h e   p o w e r   o f  X R.

Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana (Lu)’s mission is to grow an inclusive, transformative VR, AR & MR industry.

An advocate of responsible tech, purpose-driven innovation & ‘digital ethics’, Luciana leads New Business at award-winning creative agency & immersive studio REWIND. She is co-founder of Unfold UK, supporting diversity and inclusion in ‘XR’, and a SheWorx London & CodeFirst: Girls mentor, committed to supporting female role & real models. Passionate about the transformative power of tech ‘for good’, she carries ongoing research on the possibilities and challenges immersive tech presents for neuroscience, unconscious bias and cognitive behavioural change. She is also on the founding team & an ambassador for Realities Centre London — a new innovation space, incubator and academy for B2B/enterprise VR, AR, MR and AI.

Consult & Run Workshops on Enterprise XR

I condense complex tech trends into easy-to-grasp digestible chunks -- allowing businesses to stay up to date with the breadth and depth of the XR industry.

Speaking & Event Curation

I regularly speak on VR/AR/MR and Inclusion in Tech. Highlights: TEDx Manchester "Dare to Disrupt", "Hacking the Brain: NeuroVR and Cognitive Change" & "Diversity in VR".

Digital Strategy & Evangelism

As a seasoned digital marketer, networker and business development lead, I help put early stage to scaling companies or individuals on the VR/AR industry map.

Conferences | Demos | Workshops

Driven by empowering others.

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Get in touch! You can find me on Instagram, , and LinkedIn, at REWIND’s UK studio, or speaking/demoing round the globe. Be it that you share my passion for XR’s transformative role in our lives, or have an idea, partnership proposition, comment or question, I’d love to help 🙂