S  e  e  D  i  f  f  e  r  e  n  t .
H u m a n ,   I m p a c t f u l   T e c h.
U n l o c k   t h e   p o w e r   o f    V R .

Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana (Lu)’s mission is to grow the UK’s VR, AR & MR industry.

Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator and tech evangelist, Luciana splits her time between growing the Realities Centre London — a new innovation space, incubator and academy for B2B/enterprise VR, AR, MR and AI — and Unfold UK, supporting diversity and inclusion in ‘XR’. Passionate about VR/tech ‘for good’ and ‘human tech’, she carries ongoing research on the possibilities and challenges immersive tech presents for neuroscience, unconscious bias and cognitive behavioural change.

Consult & Run Workshops on Enterprise XR

I condense complex tech trends into easy-to-grasp digestible chunks -- allowing businesses to stay up to date with the breadth and depth of the XR industry.

Speaking & Event Curation

Since early 2016, I have spoken at and curated many VR/AR-related talks. Highlights: "Hello Virtual World", "NeuroVR and Cognitive Change" and "Diversity in VR".

Digital Strategy & Evangelism

As a seasoned digital marketer and business development lead, I help put early stage to scaling companies or individuals on the VR/AR industry map.

You can find me on , Instagram, LinkedIn, at yet another VR event or roaming around the Realities Centre. If you share my passion for XR’s transformative role in our lives, please get in touch below.